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segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2016

Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour analysis Popping Games

Speaking staff , Dingo Jhones in the area bringing the first analysis of a game, even a DEMO and that has nothing to do with the game . The idea was to get a first impression in the sense according to the producer himself "The idea is to give fans a taste of what 's to come in the game ," said Koshi Nakanishi to Polygon.

Resident Evil 7 was officially announced during the Sony conference at E3 2016. It has been confirmed that this demonstration also will come to Xbox One and PC. The full version will be released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with support for virtual reality, on January 24, 2017.

Personally I am playing I liked what I saw, so may not be a very good thing because it is not directly related to the game. I'm a fan of the series since Resident Evil 2, as narrated in the gameplay. It must be the game I most zeroed in life. But after Outlast, the idea of ​​impotence in horror games made me excited, that game I was really scared. The totally helpless character, different from almost everything I had ever seen. In this teaser, this is exactly what happens outside of course the more classic resident evil series context as narrow corridors, very dark environment, many well-detailed objects (new wave that follows the evolution of the games). The gameplay in first person was also quite different from usual.

"I wanted to have a gun, be strong to defend myself. The Resident Evil 7 character will have many ways to defend themselves. This does not happen in the demo, but will be in the full game", said Koshi Nakanishi.

However , this is not the hallmark of our beloved series, which since has always been carried out by elite STARS police , it would make sense to put someone without having this profile . I think the introduction of too much weaponry, ammunition , was what actually created an identity crisis . This new game has the difficult task of rescuing its own public, after RE6 , expectations diminished, is more than the time we had a nice surprise with a game worthy of his name.

Fonte: E3 2016